Discover Your Journey

Explore the Road to Hana,
West Maui, and Upcountry with a
Personalized Jeep Tour

My Journey is . . . Unforgettable Adventurous Mindful Romantic Bold Beautiful Relaxing

The Explorer's

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime as you hike, swim, and explore your way across Maui.

The Mindfulness Journey

Journey inward as you connect with the island through privately guided yoga and meditation sessions in your own tropical paradise.

The Lover's

Discover the beauty of the island as you connect with love, gratitude, and appreciation for your partner in the journey of life.

Personalized Luxury

Every journey is tailored to ensure that our guests receive a unique, customized, and unforgettable experience.


Leave your worries behind! Our journeys include breakfast, snacks, lunch, towels, sunscreen, and everything else you need to complete your journey.

Local and Sustainable

We take our commitment to the island seriously. Every quarter we donate 10% of our proceeds to a local charity. We also use only reusable containers to minimize our environmental impact- no plastic bottles here!