Top Five Reasons to Take a Guided Tour on the Road to Hana

The Road to Hana is known the world over for two things- gorgeous views of a tropical jungle oasis, and its 620 twists and turns! Although it’s almost impossible to have a bad time on the Hana Highway, here are five reasons to consider taking a guided tour to help you navigate every curve the Hana Highway has to offer.

 1.    No Planning Necessary

The Road to Hana stretches for more than sixty miles of pristine coastline and is filled with endless opportunities for adventure. Unfortunately, the endless possibilities can easily be daunting for a visitor unfamiliar with the island. By leaving the planning and preparation in the hands of an expert, you can ensure you’ll get the most of your time.

2.     Enjoy the View

Although the attractions are unforgettable, many visitors find themselves mesmerized by just soaking in the jungle vibes as they cruise along the Hana Highway. By leaving the driving to someone else, you can soak in the ambiance and truly immerse yourself in the island spirit.

3.    Learn the History

Amongst all of the excitement of the jungle, it’s easy to forget that the Road to Hana has been around for hundreds of years in one form or another. The right tour guide can draw your attention to the hidden gems, historical tidbits, and cultural insight that you can’t get anywhere else.

4.    Handle the Curves

To be clear- the Road to Hana is perfectly safe with a vigilant driver and plenty of caution. However, the countless curves and blind turns can leave some drivers a bit uncomfortable. Leave the driving to an expert who has made the journey time and again and leave your stress and worry in the rear-view mirror.

5.    Capture Memories!

With jaw-dropping scenery at every turn, your trip on the Hana Highway is something you’ll want to remember for a lifetime. With the help of a tour guide, you can ensure that every moment can be documented and shared.


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