About Kokua Journeys

At Kokua Journeys, our mission is to provide guests with a truly unique and unforgettable Road to Hana experience. We aim to create intimate and personalized adventures that allow our guests to connect deeply with the untamed beauty of the island. 

In Hawaiian, “Kokua” means “to help.” We have been built from the ground up to honor this commitment to help our guests, our island, and our community. Every quarter, we proudly donate 10% of our proceeds to a local charity and offer locally sourced food and amenities whenever possible. We are also the first and only tour company on Maui to eliminate plastic water bottles to minimize our environmental impact. 

Life is all about the journey. Let us help you discover yours!

Meet Our Team

Kyle Wilson


When Kyle first explored the Road to Hana after graduating from law school, it was love at first sight. Amongst the canopy of trees and cascading waterfalls, he knew he had discovered his home. 

Although his journey wasn’t easy, Kyle eventually decided to listen to his inner voice and voyage across the Pacific to build a life in Maui. Along the way, he discovered his passion for the healing benefits of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. 

Inspired by the lessons of the island, Kyle knew it was time for a new career path and decided to start Kokua Journeys as a way to help visitors discover their own journey in life and to spark the fire of self-discovery in as many people as possible. 

His own journey is still unfolding, but he looks forward to all of the twists and turns along the way!

Hans Huschitt


Hans first ventured to Hawaii just over a year ago and instantly felt at home. Maui is his favorite island, and he is excited to put down roots and build a family in such an amazing place!

While he can surely enjoy a relaxing beach day, more often than not you will find him hiking to waterfalls, diving the waters of the west side, or on another wild excursion. 

Hans is excited to bring his energy and adventurous spirit to Kokua Journeys. Don’t be surprised if he ends up being your tour guide on an epic adventure.